Our organisation


Knowledge Infusion

We are a non-proft organization from Serbia that aims to promote sustainable development goals and play a significant part in a development of our country. We see liberalization as one of the fundamental rocks of development and we want to contribute into creating modern and liberal societies. Our plan is to work and act both locally and globally in order to achieve our mission.

Aim of the project


Our main goals:

  • We strive to educate young people about social issues, environmental issues, low life standards, gender inequality, weak employability - all current issues that modern societies face. 
  • Provide young people with tangible skills to overcome social issues. We want to point out the importance of being socially involved and active at one's society.
  • We want to educate youth to use digital dimension as their opportunity and tool to build bridges among like-minded people and people that are often left in the shadow of the system

Young people represent the opportunity of the future and we are helping them to evolve beyond the normatives of undeveloped societies and traditional beliefs. Our mission is to ''infuse the knowledge'' to young people with fewer opportunities, to future leaders and young hopes.